Acer will ship a $399 VR headset with full motion trackers this holiday season


Acer will release a Windows Mixed Reality VR headset with Microsoft’s new motion controllers for $399 during the holiday season, and it may not be the only company to do so. Microsoft announced the news when it unveiled the controllers at today’s Build keynote. While Acer is the only company named so far, Microsoft says multiple partners may be selling these controllers at retail during the same time frame.

Acer is one of several manufacturers working with Microsoft on Windows Mixed Reality (formerly Windows Holographic) devices. It showed off an early version of its headset at CES, and a development kit without the controller will sell for $299 this summer, with preorders opening today. Like other Mixed Reality headsets, it uses built-in cameras to track users’ motions, instead of external sensors, and is tethered to a Windows 10 PC. This, along with its low price, could make it a more convenient option for people who aren’t interested in the often intensive setups that desktop VR currently requires.




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