John Oliver pleads with viewers to revive net neutrality fight


The net neutrality fight is unfortunately back, and just as he did three years ago, comedian John Oliver has devoted a segment of his show Last Week Tonight to call out the importance of the open internet and encourage viewers to comment on the new proposed rules.

In the new segment, Oliver highlights the current issues with net neutrality, including Verizon’s recent misleading video defending the company’s viewpoint for net neutrality (ignoring the fact that Verizon is responsible for forcing internet to be classified as Title II in the first place) and Ajit Pai’s new plan to reverse Title II net neutrality (and his not-at-all reassuring plan to rely on terms of service instead). If you’ve been out of the loop on the latest when it comes to the fight for net neutrality, Oliver’s clip is a good recap of where things stand today.

Oliver’s original video (in which he infamously compared then FCC commissioner Tom Wheeler as a “dingo” and appealed to internet trolls to channel their efforts into something useful) was undeniably successful, resulting in over 45,000 comments getting posted to the FCC’s website within hours of the clip airing, and even crashing the FCC’s site.

And, like last time, Oliver is once again rallying viewers to go comment on the FCC’s website — even buying a helpful redirection URL of to make it easier to find the comment form.




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