The leaked Mario + Rabbids art gets better every time you click zoom


The annual E3 video game conference is reliably punctuated with surprise video game announcements. However, this year, one announcement won’t come as a shock for fans: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. The game, which combines Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. with the screaming pseudo-Minions of Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids brand, has been long rumored across a variety of publications. The trend continues today with leaked key art, providing the first look at the game’s visual direction.

A cropped version of the image originally circulated across social media this morning, leading’s WWG to post a full-size version this afternoon. It is just as weird and dense as you’d expect from a video game titled Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

Now, friends, let me be clear: this is a fine image. It does its job, communicating in no uncertain terms that, yes, Mario and the Rabbids are at it again — this time together. But I argue — and I am not the first to notice this — that, for this image, the parts are greater than the whole.

Here is the full key art:


And here it is again, now broken into its individual components:

This is me.

This is me.

This is me.




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