The biggest 4K TV you can buy makes your 100-inch TV looks like a baby monitor


If you want a truly massive 4K TV in your house — and you have a nearly limitless budget to make it happen — there’s only one option for you: the C Seed 262. This monstrosity comes in at 262 inches, a staggering size that makes a 100-inch TV look tiny in comparison.

Photo: C Seed


It’s hard to overstate how massive the 1,763-pound C Seed 262 is. It comes with 10 integrated speakers for a 9.1 cinema surround sound environment; there is a remote-controlled fabric cover that protects the 19-foot-wide LED screen; and there’s even a built-in 4K media server.

We asked C Seed how much the 262 will cost, and it’s quite a bit. The TV alone will cost $539,000, and if you want it installed (with a “project management package”) that will cost you another $38,500. As my astute colleague Vlad Savov noted, “This TV costs more than a New York apartment, which is apt because it’s bigger than a New York apartment.”

Photo: C Seed

Given that the company assumes you own a mansion in its press release — it asks you to “enjoy a viewing experience that up to now was simply unavailable outside a private movie theatre in a remote corner of your mansion” — the price isn’t that surprising.

The C Seed 262 is available this summer. Have your assistant look into it.




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