WhatsApp update adds automatic albums and photo filters on iOS


WhatsApp got a few new features in an update today for iOS, adding photo filters, automatic albums in chats, and the ability to send quick replies to messages.

The photo filters is probably the biggest of the three; it lets you apply a filter to a picture, video, or GIF before you send it. Right now, there are only five options: Pop, B&W, Cool, Chrome, and Film, but it’s easy to imagine that WhatsApp could add more in the future.

Additionally, if you send multiple images or videos consecutively in a chat, they’ll now be automatically grouped into a single album (as seen below) instead of a stream of multiple in-line images. Lastly, you can now swipe right on an individual message in a thread to directly respond to it, which could be useful for group chats.

The new features are available on iOS now; no Android launch date has been given, but it’s probable that they’ll show up in the near future.





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