Google Maps now can tell you the best time of day to travel to your destination


Google is adding a new feature to Google Maps that not only tells you how to get somewhere or how long the trip should take, but when the best time to leave is (via Android Police).

The new feature is only available for Maps users on Android, and it pops up when you input directions. Along with showing you the usual estimated time and distance, a new bar graph will appear, showing the relative time it will take your trip now (highlighted in either green, yellow, or red to indicate current traffic conditions) and an estimate of both how long it would have taken a half hour earlier and how long it will take in the next few hours.

It’s not super precise. Looking at the example above, for instance, tells me that it would have been a bit faster to leave a half hour earlier, but it’s hard to tell exactly how much that time saved would be. Still, it seems like a useful addition for when you’re trying to figure out your next trip.

The new time estimate feature is rolling out to Google Maps users on Android now, although there’s no word as to when iOS users might see it.





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