Gudak is a charming analog camera app that makes you wait three days for a photo


I’ve gone through my fair share of analog camera apps, downloading and deleting them one by one as the novelty wore off quickly. My problem with most of these apps, Instagram included, was the overwhelming burden of choice. There are too many filters, and the abundance of ways to tweak every detail was an option I didn’t personally need. That’s why I find the Gudak camera app so refreshing in its simplicity.

Developed by Korean startup Screw Bar, Gudak gives you a roll of 24 photos to take through a tiny viewfinder, modeled after a disposable Kodak camera. When you’re done snapping away, just take your roll to the “Processing Laboratory,” where it’ll develop for three days. You have to wait 12 hours before it lets you start a new roll, but if you’re an impatient jerk like me, you can mess with your phone’s date in the Settings to trick the app into thinking it’s three days later. I did this for the purposes of writing this article and haphazardly took a bunch of random photos at my desk (which still turned out lovely, in my opinion). I promise I won’t do it again because it destroys the spirit of this app and I am sorry to disrespect you, developers!


Bless this mess.

My son

The app is only about a month old, so there’ll probably be some updates to the UI eventually (the developers have responded to complaints that the viewfinder is too small), but I think it’s perfectly charming the way it is right now. Just like an analog camera, I’ll take what it gives me.

You can download Gudak from the App Store for $0.99. It’s only on iPhone for now, but hopefully they’ll bring it to Android soon.




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