How to watch tonight’s Tesla Model 3 party live


Tesla Model 3’s party is tonight, but how can those of us who aren’t on the exclusive invite list watch the event? A live stream will be available on’s website, either directly on the main page, or through the Events and Presentations section on the Investor Relations page. As of this writing, the link has not been posted yet.

At the party, 30 people are set for a great time, out of the hundreds of thousands of people who have put down $1,000 deposits for a Tesla Model 3, the company’s first electric car to be sold on such a large scale. These 30 people will be receiving a Tesla Model 3, for $35,000. Notably, these people are most likely all Tesla employees, who are prioritized on the long list of names waiting for the car.

The event will be at 8:45PM in Pacific time (11:45PM ET). So as usual with Tesla events, it’s going to be a late night for the company’s fans on the east coast. This article will be updated with an exact link once it’s available.




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